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Kate Hall is an attorney and mediator who takes an eclectic approach to helping clients identify the right type of process for the problem. Most lawyers just have one tool in their toolbox - litigation. However, most legal problems and other conflicts come with human elements that could benefit from different approaches that can end up saving clients money and transforming, rather than destroying, relationships. She provides legal services for all types of family-related issues, and mediation services for families, professionals, and the community. She works to get the best possible result as she and her clients see it through together, whether in court or out. Kate brings experience and professionalism to every case and customizes her support to your individual needs and concerns.

Kate offers a free 15 minute initial consultation over the phone (at the time you call or scheduled ASAP after your call) to help assess whether her services might fit your needs. If more information is needed, a follow up consultation will be scheduled.





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Mediation is a structured process in which a neutral third party facilitates negotiations in a private, out of court setting. It often is the best fit when both parties involved want to work through the issues surrounding the transition and might benefit from having a professional present to help keep the conversation on track, provide suggestions and ask critical questions about the future plans that are being proposed. Mediation communications are confidential and can help preserve the privacy of the parties. In addition, mediation works at the pace of the parties rather than the pace of the court and is responsive to the needs, schedules and circumstances of the family in transition. For more mediation resources, click here.

Law: Litigation, unbundled, collaborative

Some people benefit from the structure that starting a case in court provides. This process is done on the court's timeline and is not private. Kate is available to provide both full service representation and "unbundled" services. This means that she can be as involved as the issues in your case require. For more information, please get in touch.

Collaborative Divorce (or Collaborative Law) is a structured process in which parties are represented by specially trained collaborative attorneys who guide them through the negotiations. Depending on the case, the collaborative process can involve other professionals, such as financial, mental health, or child specialist professionals. This process works at the pace of the parties and negotiations are confidential. This is the best fit when parties are committed to good faith negotiations and need some extra support at the negotiation table or have complex issues to unwind. For more information on Collaborative Law, click here.


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