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Divorce, family disputes and other legal conflicts do not have to be an expensive, unending fight. 

Life is full of the unexpected. Things change. Marriages end. Child and spousal support needs change. Wills need to be updated. As an attorney, I believe these changes do not have to be painful...for you or the people you care about. 

When I act as your advocate, I think about two things: your present and future needs around your family, your money, your time, and your peace of mind. I, like you, want to find the best positive outcome so you can move into the best possible future.

Everyone comes in with a different past and perspective. I will work with you to take the right approach towards achieving YOUR goals.

  • Protect Your Interests 

  • Keep Your Assets 

  • Build Your Future

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As your attorney, I do what’s best for you and your kids.

I Listen.

  • An attorney cannot work for your best interest if she doesn’t take the time to learn what you care about most. I listen before I act.

I Advocate.

  • Before I act, I work with you to identify the best outcomes for you in the short and long term. Then, I do whatever I can within the law to produce the best outcome possible.

I Get Results.

  • I always start with negotiation. If a case must go to court, I’ll set clear and reasonable expectations and do everything I can to get results.

    The legal process feels uncertain. I can help resolve the certainty and create a clear path forward towards the future you want.

My first appointment with Kate Hall, was filled with the emotions of a Divorce. Kate was direct & confident, I felt it in her voice & handshake... My input was important & heard. Professional, down to earth & confident - that would be my best explanation for The Law Office of Kate Hall. For a very difficult time in life, it was simplified with Kate’s guidance.


You Have Options


Collaborative Divorce

I am one of three attorneys in Marion County who are trained in Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative Divorce (or Collaborative Law) is a structured process in which parties are represented by specially trained collaborative attorneys who guide them through the negotiations. Depending on the case, the collaborative process can involve other professionals, such as financial, mental health, or child specialist professionals. This process works at the pace of the parties. Negotiations are confidential. This is the best fit when parties are committed to good faith negotiations and need some extra support at the negotiation table or have complex issues to unwind.

Traditional Litigation 

Your case might benefit from the structure that starting a case in court provides, or you might have been brought into an existing case. I provide full service representation, appearing in court on your behalf and negotiating with the other party or their lawyer to get the best outcome for you sooner rather than later. I also provide "unbundled" services, meaning that I can be as involved as the issues in your case require.

Not quite sounding like the right fit? I also provide Mediation Services.

Training, Experience, and Education



I am an experienced family law attorney and mediator, certified in Collaborative Divorce. I am currently the Vice President of the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP).


Juris Doctor, Certificate in Dispute Resolution ‘14
Willamette University College of Law

B.A. Psychology - Honors ‘09
George Washington University

My Recent Presentations

Ongoing! “Divorce Options” Public Presentation at Cafferky Russo, Lake Oswego

Upcoming! “Becoming a Court-Connected Mediator” Oregon Mediation Association Annual Conference

“Trauma-Informed Mediation” Neighbor2Neighbor Mediator Inservice

“What is Mediation?” Oregon Park Managers' Association


You can always call 971-599-7217 to schedule or provide information here to receive a call back.

Initial consultations are $50 and are 30 minutes in duration. They can take place at my office, over the phone or via videoconference (Google or Zoom). If you end up hiring me, this amount will be credited back to you.

During our consultation, I can give you process information and information about legal and mediation services. If you know that would like to hire me for mediation services, both parties are welcome to attend the consultation. If you are considering legal services, please do not bring the other party.

Once you decide which route to go, we can discuss your goals. It is crucial that I understand what is important to you and why it is important.

If you would like to hire me for mediation, I will answer any procedural questions you have and give you legal information.

If you know that you want to hire me as your attorney or collaborative attorney, I will give you advice and my evaluation of your case.

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