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Get The Best Possible Outcome, Together.

Be Heard - Know Your Options - Find A Resolution


Mediate First.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process. In a typical case, we (you, me, and the other people involved) meet together. We first identify what needs to be decided, and then work through each issue to resolution. I then draft any agreements necessary to memorialize the settlement. The process can be customized to meet your needs.

I serve as a neutral guide on the process of divorce, custody, business, community or other conversation.

I take my ethical requirements seriously: When I act as a neutral, I cannot advise either party on what they should do (legal advice) but I can and do share what the law is (legal information). Every party to mediation is encouraged to consult with independent legal counsel. If you need an attorney, or are unsure of which process would work best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Take Control of Your Future 

  • Keep Your Assets 

  • Minimize Damage To Your Relationships

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No one wants a hurtful conflict: bad divorce, custody battle, property disputes, the list goes on. It’s the kind of conflict that destroys your relationships, empties your college savings or retirement account, creates drawn-out fights about parenting time on Christmas morning.

Conflict may not avoidable, but it can be resolved. You don’t have to have a “bad divorce” or be at odds with your neighbors or a competing business.

  • I help couples become co-parents, navigating birthdays, parent/teacher conferences, and weddings together without tension.

  • I help untangle the complex financial decisions required to complete a divorce or business dissolution by making sure that what’s important is heard.

  • I can help repair communication mishaps between neighbors, friends, and community members.

    You don’t have to live in your conflict forever! Don’t spend your precious time, money, and energy staying at odds when a full resolution is around the corner.

Thank you kindly for your understanding and patience with us within this messy and incredibly overwhelming experience/process.


Benefits of Mediation


Make the Right Choice for You

Avoid court orders that put you in a corner by owning the solution together through constructive mediation. You know your situation better than anyone else. Mediation is about having choices and making the best ones for the people you care about. Instead of fighting for your piece of the pie, mediation is the opportunity to bake a bigger pie, together.


Have a Guide From Start to Finish 

Divorces and other conflict can be complicated, but they don’t have to be confusing. As your mediator, I’ll be straightforward in my answers to your questions, help to overcome procedural and communication obstacles, and reach a peaceful resolution.


Keep Your Process Private

Litigation is public record. Kids, nosy co-workers, and scammers can review the public record that accumulates after filing in court. In mediation, you can decide what details to keep private and what to put into public record. There are a few legally-required exceptions, but in most cases, both parties will have to agree in writing to release any information disclosed in mediation.

Training, Experience, and Education



I am an experienced family law attorney and mediator, certified in Collaborative Divorce. I am currently the Vice President of the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP). I have been mediating for close to a decade. I am a court-connected mediator for Custody and Parenting Time and am also qualified to mediate DHS-related adoptions between biological and adoptive families. I am the mediator assigned by Oregon Housing MCRC to mediate in Polk and Lincoln Counties.

I take an eclectic approach to mediation, meaning that I choose the appropriate technique to fit each situation. I regularly employ a variety of tried and true mediation techniques, ranging from evaluative (evaluating each party’s position and suggesting settlement options) to transformative (focusing on helping parties recognize the other’s needs and interests, therefore transforming their relationship to go beyond conflict) to facilitative (focusing on the exploration of needs and interests to the parties in coming to a resolution).


Juris Doctor, Certificate in Dispute Resolution ‘14
Willamette University College of Law

B.A. Psychology - Honors ‘09
George Washington University

My Recent Presentations

Upcoming! “Divorce Options” Public Presentation at Cafferky Russo, Lake Oswego

“Trauma-Informed Mediation” Neighbor2Neighbor Mediator Inservice

“What is Mediation?” Oregon Park Managers' Association

My Ongoing Training

I commit to constantly deepening and broadening my mediation skill set. I have completed over 300 hours of mediation related training, including Parent/Teenager Mediation Training (Neighbor2Neighbor), Family Law Financial Mediation Training (Clackamas County), “From Survival Reactivity to Receptive Creativity” (OACP Annual Conference), Cooperative Adoption Mediation Training (Meg Goldberg), Collaborative Divorce Training (International Association of Collaborative Practitioners Certified) (Kim Gordon) 100 hours practicum Custody and Parenting Time mediation – (Marion and Washington Counties) Domestic Relations and Custody Training (Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Services), Court Connected Training (Neighbor2Neighbor) 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training (Sukhsimranjit Singh)

Ethics and Standards of Practice

I observe the following Mediator Ethics and Standards of Practice:


You can always call 971-599-7217 to schedule or provide information here to receive a call back.

Initial consultations are $50 and are 30 minutes in duration. They can take place at my office, over the phone or via videoconference (Google or Zoom). If you end up hiring me, this amount will be credited back to you.

During our consultation, I can give you process information and information about legal and mediation services. If you know that would like to hire me for mediation services, both parties are welcome to attend the consultation. If you are considering legal services, please do not bring the other party.

Once you decide which route to go, we can discuss your goals. It is crucial that I understand what is important to you and why it is important.

If you would like to hire me for mediation, I will answer any procedural questions you have and give you legal information.

If you know that you want to hire me as your attorney or collaborative attorney, I will give you advice and my evaluation of your case.

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